TOP of the most convenient and easy social networking applications 2018

A lot of people use social media to connect with one another. Companies go even further and opt for a service like SocialBoss to get even more value and convenience. But you have to wonder, which social networking apps are the best ones for you? It all comes down to convenience and the exposure that you want to get.

Facebook and Twitter

These are no-brainers because you can find just about everyone on them. You get a lot of exposure and the interface is very easy to use. Of course there are bound to be some issues here and there. But for the most part these are very impressive and certainly well worth a shot.


LinkedIn is suitable for professionals, but it does have some really interesting and cool features. It looks amazing, it’s adjustable and adaptable, and you can connect with business pros in no time. You should totally check it out for yourself and you will enjoy it quite a bit actually.


Tumblr hasn’t been as popular as the aforementioned apps, but it has millions of users as well. You do have a whole lot of ways to connect with people here, and the overall quality is impressive. You really get plenty of value for your money with Tumblr, and you can’t ask for more honestly.


Companies that want to connect with a younger audience will find Snapchat to be one of the best out there. It’s a great platform that encourages you to post often, mainly because old posts are deleted very soon after someone sees them.


Kik is also very popular with teens, but you can find some older people on it. Either way, you can find a whole lot of cool stuff in there, and the experience will certainly be a fun and interesting one here. Just consider giving it a shot if you like connecting and chatting. Businesses are less inclined to use this, but it’s still a nice one to have.


Periscope comes with a twist because it focuses a lot more on video broadcasting. And it does a very good job with that. It’s definitely one of the better options when it comes to video based social media. It doesn’t surpass YouTube, but it does come with social features, and that on its own is very important.

All in all, social media apps are designed to be unique and convenient. Some of them borrow features from one another, but that’s to be expected. Yet for the most part you really get an amazing value and quality for your money here, so if you do want something professional and outstanding as a whole, you can rarely go wrong with such an approach. Just consider giving any of these sites a shot, and you will amazed with how much value and exposure you will get in the end. It will be well-worth the effort, you can rest assured of that!