How to Get More Subscribers Using Dating Applications

You have probably tried all the popular ways of getting more subscribers on Instagram, but have you tried doing it through dating applications?

That’s right! If you have an Instagram account and a profile on a dating app like Tinder, Badoo or OKCupid, you can now merge your efforts on each of them to boost your popularity. With expert advice from InstaGrowing, you can increase the number of followers for your profile and have more people subscribe to your IGTV channel. Here's how to do it!


There is a myriad of dating app options that you can choose from. In fact, the online dating industry has flourished in the past few years with more than 1,500 apps being active at the moment. Still, the most famous and most used ones remain:

  • Tinder
  • Badoo
  • OkCupid
  • Happn
  • POF

You may see them as dating apps, but the trained eye of a social media marketer sees them as excellent opportunities for attracting more subscribers. You can create a profile on any of these apps without even talking to the people that use them. You can boost your number of Instagram followers with their help and even go on a date once in a while, nobody’s judging here.


Because it is the no.1 dating app worldwide with more than 10 million active users, Tinder will be our choice for using a dating app to enhance Instagram subscribers in the next example.

We assume that you already have a Tinder profile. If you don't, you better create one before we go any further, otherwise, this entire presentation will seem confusing. Got it? OK, let’s go!

Step 1

When you first start off on Tinder, you are required to do so through your Facebook account, which works great for your goal to attract more followers since it enhances your popularity on social media.

Once on Tinder, you will have to upload some of the best photos of yourself. Use the ones that are already on your Instagram account, and add them to your Tinder profile. Later on, they will serve as a reference for people who choose to follow you from the dating app.

Step 2/em>

Fill in your Tinder bio with interesting facts. Make sure that all the details that you include there are real and can be traced back to your Instagram account. Consistency is the key that will make many any dating app users follow you on social media, too.

Step 3/em>

Enable both genders. Regardless of your preferences, you should make yourself available for both genders on Tinder. This tiny tweak in your strategy will open the doors to a much larger pool of potential followers on Instagram.

Step 4/em>

Link your Instagram account to your Tinder account. The dating app has a special feature through which you can connect your IG account to it. Enable it to make sure that it appears in your bio description and people will most likely click on it.


If you add between 1 and 3 pictures of yourself on Tinder, you will incite curiosity in many users. They will feel the urge to check your Instagram account to get a clearer image of who you are and how you look like.

If you dispose of a large budget for social media promotions, you might want to use a part of it to upgrade to Tinder Premium. As a privileged user of this dating app, you will get more exposure on the network and attract more people to view your profile. As a result, you will see more users checking out your Instagram account and hopefully subscribe to it.

Repeat these steps for other dating apps, too. The more present you are in the ever-increasing online community the bigger the chances are to attract more followers.